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Our breakaway glass is made up of a combination of premium plastic resins that, when mixed and cured, exhibit similar properties to actual glass in the sense that it looks and sounds very close to the real thing.

Another similarity is that it produces very legitimate shards that can result in equally realistic hazards such as cuts, scrapes, and other injuries.

Because of this, our products should only be used under the direct supervision of a qualified stunt coordinator or other trained professional, and only after close inspection of the product, surroundings, and making sure everyone involved nearby is aware and comfortable of the usage, risks, and safety requirements involved with said product.

Our breakaways are NOT made from sugar and therefore they are NON-EDIBLE.  Our breakaway glass may be able to hold room temperature liquid ONLY (also depending on the type of liquid and style of breakaway), however, do not consume any food or liquid that has been in contact with our breakaways.

The primary use of breakaway glass products are for stunt sequences in film, television, or theater although some customers will take the liberty of purchasing these items for personal use such as creating content for social media, boat christening, etc. ​

By purchasing any product(s) from Damage On Demand, it is understood by all involved parties that Damage On Demand is not liable or responsible in any way for any injuries sustained in the proper or improper use of these products, whether suggested or not.

These are recommended breakaway tips only, based on our personal preferences.  All breakaways should be carefully inspected and used only under the guidance and supervision of a qualified stunt professional and only used when and where said professional deems safe.

It should be understood that although breakaways are typically a safer alternative to real glass, ceramics, and other everyday objects, they still present a danger with sharp edges and may cause injury, especially when used incorrectly.  By using these products, Damage On Demand, LLC is not responsible for any injuries resulting in the proper, or improper, use of these products.

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