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These 750mL red wine bottles are just under 12.5 inches tall and they look great on camera!


Please note that these are realistic and shatter like real glass, so there will be shards and tiny pieces of breakaway plastic everywhere!  


Bubbles, slight imperfections, and other inconsistencies are inevitable in breakaways. These inconsistencies are usually more noticeable in clear breakaways. However, you can be assured that most of the time they will be nearly invisible for the short time they are needed for the camera. Additionally, the use of labels can further minimize any visibility of the imperfections.


Please read 'Safety Note'.

Red Wine Bottle

  • Approximate Height: 12.38"

    Approximate Diameter: 2.75"

  • Although these are safer than real glass and ceramics, these breakaways produce sharp shards and tiny pieces that can still cut and cause damage.

    Our breakaway props break easily on hard, inanimate objects, as well as on actors with proper and safe usage. 

    It is ultimately up to the individual stunt coordinator to use their best judgment and utilize this object as they deem safe.  By purchasing this item, Damage On Demand, LLC is not responsible for any injury from the proper or improper use of this item.

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