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Sitting at the size of an average long-neck beer bottle, these breakaways are the perfect addition to round out your scene and add those realistic finishing touches. 


Please note that these are realistic and shatter like real glass, so there will be shards and tiny pieces of breakaway plastic everywhere!  


Bubbles, slight imperfections, and other inconsistencies are inevitable in breakaways. These inconsistencies are usually more noticeable in clear breakaways. However, you can be assured that most of the time they will be nearly invisible for the short time they are needed for the camera. Additionally, the use of labels can further minimize any visibility of the imperfections.


Please read 'Safety Note'.

Long-Neck Beer Bottle

  • Approximate Height: 9.1"

    Approximate Diameter: 2.25"

  • Although these are safer than real glass and ceramics, these breakaways produce sharp shards and tiny pieces that can still cut and cause damage.

    Our breakaway props break easily on hard, inanimate objects such as the ground or a wall.  They can even be broken on actors with proper, safe usage.  None of our breakaways are intended to be thrown at an actor, however.  If prop is to be broken on an actor, our recommendations are:

    • Do not throw at actor.  This way you can control speed and point of impact.
    • Do not break any handles against actor.  Handles are typically thick and do not break as easy.
    • Aim for impact at about center of side of prop.  If prop has handles, such as a mug, aim for a side that is 90 degrees from handle side, and break in small swinging motion, not in a straight punching motion (handle may jab into actor).
    • Do not break on sensitive parts (ie. face, neck, etc).
    • Avoid hitting actor with base of prop, as the base can tend to be a little thicker and jab into actor or not break easily.  
    • If broken on the head, aim for the ridge or crown, the harder parts of the head, and away from the face, mouth, and eyes.

    It is ultimately up to the individual stunt coordinator to use their best judgment and utilize this object as they deem safe.  By purchasing this item, Damage On Demand is not responsible for any injury from the proper or improper use of this item.

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