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Our breakaway incandescent bulb is approximately 4" tall and available in frosted or clear and with a silver or gold painted screw base.


Bubbles, slight imperfections, and other inconsistencies are inevitable in breakaways. These inconsistencies are usually more noticeable in clear breakaways. However, you can be assured that most of the time they will be nearly invisible for the short time they are needed for the camera.


For safety reasons, due to its size-to-thickness ratio, this item should not be used to strike any body parts. Instead, it is meant to be thrown, dropped, or smashed against an inanimate object such as a wall or the ground.



Light Bulb - Incandescent

  • Approximate Height: 4"

    Approximate Diameter at Widest Point: 2.31"

    Approximate Diameter at Narrowest Point: 1"

  • It is ultimately up to the individual stunt coordinator to use their best judgment and utilize this object as they deem safe. By purchasing this item, Damage On Demand is not responsible for any injury from the proper or improper use of this item.

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